Responsive Curb


Tools for an evolving transportation landscape

Responsive Curb Management

Tools for an evolving transportation landscape

Making streets more livable

Apis provides curb management tools that help cities manage a dynamic curb space, improve transportation and streamline curb operations, allowing cities to increase creative uses for an important public resource.

Managing curb data

Allocate curb space among different uses, analyze demand and adjust pricing. Track the life-cycle of the curb, assets, policies, prices, regulations, and utilization. Keep all information up to date and shareable with the public and service providers through APIs.


Managing internal operations

Connect policy changes directly to field operations. Track work orders and invoices, streamline approval processes, and automate payments for services. Improve communication with the public through CRM tools. Avoid conflicts between permit holders over curb usage. 

Managing permit-holder relationships

Make it easier for permit holders to do business with the city. Allow permit holders to apply and track the status of permits, to submit and keep up to date with the insurance and other requirements, view and appeal citations and penalties, and track and pay invoices. Share MDS regulations with mobility service providers through API. 


Enforcing regulations

Every city is different. Our tools are flexible and adjustable to the specific city initiatives and permit programs, and scalable to meet the evolving new mobility services. We provide mobile apps for enforcement teams, as well as data processing tools for violation detection and automated citations.

Curb Management Products

Manage your curb holistically from a single platform. We currently have solutions for many curb services and permit programs.

Curb Editor

Make edits to curb asset and regulation data and attach work orders to changes.

Citywide Rate Adjustment

Make citywide adjustments to parking meter rates or operating schedules, including demand-based rate optimization.

Special Events Management

Easily manage complex curb usage and automatically locate conflicts with other street use permits or events.

Dedicated Car Share

Lease curb space to car share companies and simplify the invoicing, permit and asset management.

Automated Invoicing

Simplify curb revenue workflows and automate invoicing for any and all curb services or permit programs.

Automated Enforcement

Programatically identify operating violations within large datasets, such as trip & telemetry data.

Work Order Management

Easily generate, assign and monitor work orders for any curb service. We even have mobile service apps that can be used in the field.

Permit Holder Portal

Make it easier for permit holders and/or regulated entities to do business with the city by providing online portals to manage applications, assets, insurance, and more.

Track Regulated Assets

Easily keep track of regulated assets, permits, invoices and citations for any permit program or curb service.


We also specialize in creating new products to meet emerging needs. We can connect siloed systems, deploy within existing platforms, or generally build what makes the most sense for the needs and circumstances of the local government. We can also help implement new programs that other cities have piloted or pilot new programs.


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